Annotation Type Pattern

public @interface Pattern

Marks a method as having a specific kind of ExchangePattern for use with Bean Integration or Spring Remoting to overload the default value which is ExchangePattern.InOut for request/reply if no annotations are used. There are abbreviation annotations like InOnly or InOut which are typically used for the common message exchange patterns. You could also add this annotation onto your own custom annotation to default the message exchange pattern when your own annotation is added to a method as in this example. This annotation can be added to individual methods or added to a class or interface to act as a default for all methods within the class or interface. See the using exchange pattern annotations for more details on how the overloading rules work.

See Also:
InOut, InOnly, ExchangePattern, Exchange.getPattern()

Required Element Summary
 ExchangePattern value
          Specifies the exchange pattern to be used for this method

Element Detail


public abstract ExchangePattern value
Specifies the exchange pattern to be used for this method

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