Since we're on a major migration process of this website, some component documents here are out of sync right now. In the meantime you may want to look at the asciidoc in the repository:

How do I run ActiveMQ and Camel in JBoss

A user had a problem with running ActiveMQ embedded inside JBoss. He reported his findings on the Camel mailing list which you can read about his solution here.

Using Camel in JBoss

Available as of Camel 2.1

We have now created a camel-jboss component which allows you to run Camel inside JBoss. Unfortunately JBoss uses LGPL license which is Apache unfriendly so the project is hosted at Camel Extra.

Basically what you need is to use a specialized classloader due to JBoss classloading challenges. This classloder is provided in the camel-jboss component.

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