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Etcd Component

Available since Camel 2.17.0


Etcd is a distributed key value store that provides a reliable way to store data across a cluster of machines

Maven users will need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml for this component.

URI format

Where namespace represents the etcd context to which the etcd-component should operate and path is an optional attribute to define which node is being impacted. 

Supported namespaces are:

  • keys
  • watch
  • stats



Default Value




Defines the URIs the component should connect to.

sslContextParametersnullTo use a custom org.apache.camel.util.jsse.SSLContextParameters. See Using the JSSE Configuration Utility
userNamenullThe user name to use for basic authentication
passwordnullThe password to use for basic authentication
sendEmptyExchangeOnTimeoutfalseTo send an empty message in case of timeout watching for a key (consumer only)
recursivefalseTo apply an action recursively
timeToLivenullTo set the lifespan of a key in milliseconds
timeoutnullTo set the maximum time an action could take to complete.


CamelEtcdActionjava.lang.StringThe action to perform, supported values are set, delete, deleteDir, get

The etcd context an exchange was generated/processed from


For keys namespace, it is used to determine the node subject the the action, if not set the path from URI endpoint is used. For stats and watch namespaces it contains the path of the node beign processed

CamelEtcdTimeoutjava.lang.LongTo set the maximum time an action could take to complete. If not present, the timeout option is taken into account
CamelEtcdTtljava.lang.IntegerTo set the lifespan of a key in milliseconds. If not present, the timeToLive option is taken into account
CamelEtcdRecursivejava.lang.Booleano apply an action recursively. If not present, the recursive option is taken into account

Keys namespace example:



Stats namespace example:



Watch namespace example:







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