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Does Camel work on IBM's JDK?

Yes, we've tested Camel with IBM's JDK on the AIX and Linux platforms. There are a few things to look out for though

Exception using camel-http

You may get a when using camel-http on IBM's JDK. lists a possible solution: if LANG=en_US.UTF-8, just set it to LANG=en_US.

Building camel-spring component

The schema generation portion of camel-spring uses Sun specific tools and thus cannot run on IBM's JDK. It will currently try to download an XSD generated from a previous build and then run the tests against that. So, if you need to change Camel's model, you will need to rebuild camel-spring on another JDK (preferably a Sun JDK).

Ruby scripting support

Ruby scripting on IBM's JDK works for Camel 2.0 and onward. For earlier versions you'll need to use one of the other Scripting Languages. See CAMEL-1030 for more details.

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