Since we're on a major migration process of this website, some component documents here are out of sync right now. In the meantime you may want to look at the asciidoc in the repository:

CI builds using Jenkins

Continuous integration builds for Apache Camel have been set up at More information about using Jenkins at Apache can be found at
If you are a Camel PMC member and would like to have access to the Jenkins administration, you can find instructions for getting your own user id on the same wiki page.

We have several jobs available for Apache Camel:

Code health reports

Sonar leverages well-known tools such as Checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs, Cobertura, Clover and JavaNCSS to provide an integrated and easy to use quality management platform. The Sonar guys were kind enough to add Camel to their public server at Codehaus

Problems? Suggestions?

Access to Jenkins administration is currently being limited to PMC members by the Apache Infrastructure team, but several PMC members already have an account on these machines so you can just contact the developer mailing list for any problems or suggestions with the way the builds have been set up.

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