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ActiveMQ / activemq-camel


For JMS Messaging with Apache ActiveMQ

ActiveMQ Broker / activemq-camel


For internal message routing in the ActiveMQ broker using Camel.

Activiti / activiti-camel


For working with Activiti, a light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) platform which supports BPMN 2

Couchbase / camel-couchbase in camel-extra

 Couchbase Working with Couchbase NoSQL document database

Db4o / camel-db4o in camel-extra


For using a db4o datastore as a queue via the db4o library

Esper / camel-esper in camel-extra


Working with the Esper Library for Event Stream Processing

Fabric AMQ / mq-fabric-camel in fabric8


The amq: endpoint works exactly like the activemq: endpoint in Apache Camel; only it uses the fabric to automatically discover the broker. So there is no configuration required; it'll just work out of the box and automatically discover whatever ActiveMQ message brokers are available; with failover and load balancing.

Fabric Fabric / fabric-camel in fabric8

ApacheThe fabric: endpoint uses Fabric's discovery mechanism to expose physical sockets, HTTP endpoints, etc. into the runtime registry using a logical name so that clients can use the existing Camel Load Balancer.

Fabric Master / fabric-camel in fabric8

ApacheThe master: endpoint provides a way to ensure only a single consumer in a cluster consumes from a given endpoint; with automatic failover if that JVM dies.

Hibernate / camel-hibernate in camel-extra


For using a database as a queue via the Hibernate library

JBI / servicemix-camel


For JBI integration such as working with Apache ServiceMix

JCIFS / camel-jcifs in camel-extra


This component provides access to remote file systems over the CIFS/SMB networking protocol by using the JCIFS library.

NMR / servicemix-nmr


Integration with the Normalized Message Router BUS in ServiceMix 4.x

RCode / camel-rcode in camel-extra


Uses Rserve to integrate Camel with the statistics environment R

Scalate / scalate-camel


Uses the given Scalate template to transform the message

Smooks / camel-smooks in camel-extra.


For working with EDI parsing using the Smooks library. This component is deprecated as Smooks now provides Camel integration out of the box

Spring Neo4j / camel-spring-neo4j in camel-extra

to bee clarified

Component for producing to Neo4j datastore using the Spring Data Neo4j library

VirtualBox / camel-virtualbox in camel-extra.


The VitualBox component uses the webservice API that exposes VirtualBox functionality and consumes events generated by virtual machines.

ZeroMQ / camel-zeromq in camel-extra.


The ZeroMQ component allows you to consumer or produce messages using ZeroMQ.

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