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Camel 3.0 Roadmap

This page contains a summary of the ideas planned for the camel-3.0.0 release.

Tasks for camel-2.x (prepare)

Improve the test api for testing components (jwcarman)

See CAMEL-6029.

No matter what choices and changes we make in the core, many tests in components will start failing. That is because virtually all unit tests in components test much more than the component itself, by setting up routes, etc. A simple thing would be do create something like xyzTestSupport (where xyz in {"Component", "Configuration", "Endpoint", "Producer", "Consumer", "Language", etc... }), that test a respective area without setting up routes and possibly use a minimal CamelContext (w/o component discover and/or other features). Moving component unit tests to such a framework is not complicated, a bit tedious, but hopefully we'll benefit (yet again) from community contributions and gain new committers in the process. This is probably the first thing that should be done that will allow us to be more productive with the other improvements. It can also be done in 2.x and won't require any incompatible changes.

Tasks for camel-3.0.0 (execute)

Remove the xxxRef options from our URI (cmueller)

See CAMEL-6076

In favor of the xxx options in our URI, we should remove the duplicated xxxRef options from our components. This make our code and documentation more lean. We should deprecate it as soon as possible and remove it in Camel 3.0.

Unify uri/ref in our endpoints (cmueller)

See CAMEL-6077

Instead of having both uri and ref for endpoints, we should unify this and only use uri. If people want to use ref, then they can do that using "ref:xx" as an uri. This would simplify code as we don't have to check for either one.

Pluggable Message Store for temporary or permanent storage of exchanges (ohr)

See Camel 3.0 - Message Store.

Tasks for camel-3.x (finalize)

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