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Camel 2.7 roadmap

This is a roadmap which details the overall and major goals for Camel 2.7. Fell free to discuss this at the Camel Mailing Lists if you have ideas or feedback.
The goals on this page was intended to be introduced in Camel 3.0. After discussing this on the Developer List we decided to bring forward some of the goals for 3.0 to 2.7. Those goals is listed on this page:

JDK 1.6+

Camel 2.7 should bump the JDK minimum version to 1.6.
Camel 1.x - 2.6.0 supports JDK 1.5+.

Status: Done

Spring 3.x

Camel 2.7 should bump the minimum version of Spring to 3.0+.
Camel 1.x - 2.6.0 supports Spring 2.0+

Status: Done


We should switch from commons-logging to slf4j

Status: Done


Use JUnit 4.x by default. However JUnit 4.x is backwards compatible with JUnit 3.x. The change would be to remove the JUnit 3.x support in camel-test JAR if that's desirable.

Status: Done


When testing your Camel apps with OSGi you may use PaxExam for that. We should create a test kit for osgi, like we have camel-test for regular junit testing. The test kit should make it easy for end users to have their apps tested with OSGi. We already have pieces in the tests/camel-itest-osgi. We just need to clean and shape it up so its ready for end users as well. And of course add documentation as well.
And then we should use it in camel-itest-osgi of course.

Status: Postponed

Improve unit testing

It should be easier to mock endpoints, replace parts of routes and whatnot. This allows you to leave your routes untouched and use the test kit to perform unit testing your routes. Currently the easiest approach is to add mocks into your routes which isn't desirable in some situations. Instead you should be able to tell Camel which endpoints should be mocked and what parts of the routes should be replaced with an alternative part. This is an ongoing process which we hope to improve in future releases as well.

Status: Done

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