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The Apache Camel community has made a call for a new logo and subsequently voted on the new logo design. And the results are now in*!

There have been 245 votes cast, out of which only 1 will be discarded (vote cast for 4 design proposals) which constitutes 0,4% of the total votes.

Out of the 244 remaining valid votes:

  1. Design by James Lei submitted at received 52 (21.31%) votes
  2. Design by Bharadwaj Nakka submitted at received 14 (5.74%) votes
  3. Design by Merkushev Kirill submitted at received 59 (24.18%) votes
  4. Design by Zoran Regvart (1) submitted at received 37 (15.16%) votes
  5. Design by Zoran Regvart (2) submitted at received 135 (55.33%) votes
  6. Design by Filip Majewski submitted at received 72 (29.50%) votes
  7. Design by David Klassen submitted at received 121 (49.59%) votes
  8. Design by Brad Parks (1) submitted at received 57 (23.36%) votes
  9. Design by Brad Parks (2) submitted at received 27 (11.07%) votes

The Apache Camel community would like to thank everyone for participating either by submitting their logo design proposal, commenting and collaborating with the authors or casting the vote.

With this feedback from the community the Camel Project Management Committee (PMC) will announce the new official Apache Camel Logo, stay tuned for that!

On behalf of the Apache Camel community,


*Errm, well they were in a week ago, but I'm late to write this announcement, posts to the mailing lists were more prompt

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