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The Camel community had a call for the design of a new logo[1] and we
have received nine design proposals in chronological order:

1. Design by James Lei submitted at

2. Design by Bharadwaj Nakka submitted at

3. Design by Merkushev Kirill submitted at

4. Design by Zoran Regvart (1) submitted at

5. Design by Zoran Regvart (2) submitted at

6. Design by Filip Majewski submitted at

7. Design by David Klassen submitted at

8. Design by Brad Parks (1) submitted at

9. Design by Brad Parks (2) submitted at

The design proposals are now up for community vote which will give
the Camel Project Management Committee (PMC) direction as to what
design the community prefers. After that the Camel PMC will pick one
of the proposals as the new Camel logo.

The voting period is open from 1.5.2017 00:00 UTC and close two weeks
later on 14.5.201723:59 UTC, and you will be able to pick up to
three designs.

Vote on your favorite 3 logos at the following URL:

We would like to thank everyone for participating either by submitting
their logo design proposal, commenting and collaborating with the
authors or casting the vote.

on behalf of the Camel community,

Zoran and Claus


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