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A new plugin for the Intellij IDEA editor has been created.

The plugin adds support for Apache Camel providing completions for Camel endpoints.
In other words you can press ctrl + space when editing Camel endpoints and IDEA will
present you with a list of possible endpoint options you can use; the same for their values.

At present time the plugin supports Camel endpoints in Java, Groovy, Scala, XML, properties and yaml files.

You also have documentation at your finger tips. Position the cursor on any Camel endpoint
and activate quick doc (cltr + j) presenting a popup window with the Camel endpoint explained in more details.
For example every endpoint option is explain with their documentation.

The plugin is in active development and expected to improve over the near future.

The plugin is hosted on github where we can hack on the code to make the plugin awesome and great.
The intention is that the code eventually will be donated to Apache Camel.

But for now we can keep it separated so its easier because there is only the plugin code,
and not all the other Camel source as well.

Github project:

You can find more details on the github page, where there is instructions how to install and try the plugin.
If you want to help hack on the code, then there is instructions how to setup your local IDEA environment
so you can compile and run/debug the source code.

There is also a issue tracker with tickets for stuff we need to work on.

Down the road we hope to extract parts of the plugin source code into a common camel-ide module which other IDEs can
use to offer similar functionality. For example we want to bring this to the Eclipse platform as well.

Anyone is welcome to help with the plugin.


PS: If you just want to install and try the plugin you can find it from IDEAs plugin repository (Preference -> Plugins -> Browse Repositories...).

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