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The Apache Camel project issued this week a new minor release 2.6.0. This release is the result of 3 months of hard work with an impressive 297 issues resolved, many of them coming as contributions from our growing community. Many thanks for your continued support and for trusting your integration needs to Apache Camel.

Among the issues resolved in this release you can find (in no particular order):

  • Added features to camel-blueprint component so its on-par with feature set from Spring XML.
  • Fixed issue in OSGi with refreshing Camel bundles causing a race condition when discovering type converters
  • Fixed problem installing camel-cxf feature on Apache Karaf.
  • CXF and CXFRS use the CXF continuation API when using CXF 2.3.x.
  • You can access the CXF Message from the Camel message header by using the key "CamelCxfMessage" after the CXF consumer.
  • Constant fields from Exchange can be referred in the DSL from a String attribute using the class type style. This makes the Java DSL and Spring XML more similar. * Improved Camel JMX to always find next free name when registering in JMX and existing name exists (to remedy name clash). This makes it easier when deploying muliple WARs in the same JVM where the Camel applications may have same CamelContext id. In OSGi the name in JMX now has the bundle id as prefix.
  • Easier to debug routes from camel-test using the Debugger
  • Introduced ScheduledRoutePolicy to allow you to schedule when routes should be active.
  • Thread names now outputs CamelContext name which makes it easier to differentiate when running multiple Camel applications in the same JVM.
  • Fixed BeanShell language
  • Data Format now supports Service and CamelContextAware callbacks which means its much easier to perform custom initialization logic in your data formats.
  • Improved File, FTP, Irc, LDAP, Bindy and many other components.
  • Fixed Multicast, Splitter, Recipient List to work as the Pipes And Filters would do, breaking to continue routing if a sub exchange failed and was handled by an Exception Clause. Previously you would have to detect this manually in the AggregationStrategy.
  • Made it easier to load routes from XML files using loadRoutesDefinition method from CamelContext.
  • Web console now displays some basic route statistics if JMX is enabled.
  • Graceful Shutdown a single route now supports a abortOnTimeout option.
  • Camel now fails on startup if it cannot load type converters from the classpath.
  • ... and many more

Download Camel now, check out the release notes and enjoy the ride!

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