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We are pleased to introduce the Apache Camel 2.0-M2 release with approx 222 issues resolved. This will probably be the last milestone release and the the final 2.0 will follow soon. The api changed from the 1.x version, but is now stable and we don't anticipate any changes in the upcoming 2.0. If you didn't already start migrating to the 2.0 line, now it's probably a good time to do so.

Among the new features, improvements and bug fixes in this release (from the 1.x version):

  • Introduced type converter registry to allow end users to programmatic get access to this registry
  • major improvements and refactoring of most components (see release notes)
  • RedeliveryPolicy added support for ref attribute to reference a existing policy in the Registry
  • Dead Letter Channel and Exception Clause now have onRedeliver to allow custom processing an Exchange before its being redelivered. Allowing you to work on the message being sent.
  • Multiple inputs can be define as input to routes: from("activemq:queue:order", "file://order").to("bean:handleOrder");
  • Pluggable Class Resolvers SPI for class resolvers allowing third party platforms such as JBoss to provide integration with Camel.
  • Refined API to reduce package tangling.
  • Added fromF and toF in the Java DSL to build uri strings using String.format with arguments, e.g.: fromF("ftp://%s@myserver?password=%s", user, password)
  • Improved tooling being able to retrieve more runtime information from the CamelContext
  • Scala DSL is improved
  • Introduced ConsumerTemplate supporting the Polling Consumer EIP
  • Custom endpoints with Spring @ManagedResource is now also registered in the mbean server.
  • The default error handler is changed from Dead Letter Channel to DefaultErrorHandler.
  • Overhaul and improvements to the Try Catch Finally DSLs, so they are on pair with the Exception Clause.
  • Overhaul and improvements to the Intercept DSLs. Added new interceptSendToEndpoint to intercept sending to a given Endpoint.
  • Added the notion of a Channel in the routes.
  • Added support to navigate the routes at runtime, so you can dynamic change or affect the processors in the routes.
  • Introduced a new Async API for asynchronous messaging.
  • Added Failover as load balancer.
  • Added Jackson as supported library for the JSon data format.

Many thanks to everybody who contributed to this major effort.
The Camel riders.

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