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Camel 1.6.1 release

Welcome to the 1.6.1 release which approx 93 issues resolved (new features, improvements and bug fixes such as...)

  • Performance enhancement when sending high load of messages through Camel
  • Fixes for thread safety for LDAP, Validation, JAXB data format.
  • Use Nexus for releases.
  • Fixed issue with start/stop state machine.
  • Upgraded to CXF 2.2.
  • Security improvements for Jetty.
  • HL7 fixes on Windows platforms.
  • Fixes for header propagation in Bean component.
  • Fixes for using injected Endpoint.
  • Message Exchange Pattern can now be changed directly in the DSL.

Many thanks to the Camel community for its active involvement.
The Camel Riders

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